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Efficient IT Procurement for Seamless Terminal Operations

Stability, robustness and resilience are key attributes for CEOs, operations managers and IT managers. Given their high priority, traditional approaches to designing, implementing, maintaining and optimizing systems might no longer sufficient in the face of ever-shorter product lifecycles across all industries.

Regardless of whether it is a Port Community System (PCS), a Maritime Single Window (MSW), a Terminal Operating System (TOS), a Gate Operating System (GOS) or a Rail TOS, the question remains: When does a system go from being a robust system to a legacy system? When does it reach the end of its service life? And most importantly, when is the right time to introduce or switch to a new primary system? In addition, it is important to understand the capability gaps that may arise when selecting a vendor.

This is where IT procurement services come into play, a crucial process designed to ensure terminals have the necessary foundations in place to effectively support the implementation of a new system. IT procurement addresses key elements such as system interoperability, methodology, scope, out-of-scope items, and service levels in a comprehensive manner. Furthermore, it facilitates the establishment of contractual agreements complete with mitigation and escalation processes, crucial for the smooth execution of project implementations.

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Trusted Expertise for System Selection and Implementation

As a trusted third-party partner, clients rely on our expertise to confidently navigate the complexities of system selection, operating independently from technology providers. We select solutions tailored to your existing IT landscape while preparing it for future requirements, facilitating a seamless transition between IT design and implementation phases.

Reference Site Study Tours & Benchmarks: We understand the importance of learning from best practices and industry benchmarks. Through reference site study tours and benchmarking exercises, we provide valuable insights into successful implementations, enabling informed decision-making and setting realistic expectations.

Contract Negotiation: Our team of experts guides you through the intricacies of contract negotiation, ensuring that the terms and conditions align with your terminal's objectives and best interests. We advocate for favourable terms while maintaining a collaborative approach with vendors, ultimately securing agreements that support successful project outcomes.

Vendor Qualification: We meticulously evaluate and qualify potential vendors to ensure they meet your terminal's specific needs and requirements. Our rigorous selection process ensures that only the most suitable vendors are considered for partnership.

Tender Design and Execution: Leveraging our deep industry knowledge and experience, we assist in the design and execution of tenders tailored to your terminal's unique circumstances. From drafting tender documents to managing the bidding process, we ensure transparency, fairness, and efficiency throughout.

IT Procurement Anchored in A Robust Business Architecture

While many view IT procurement as a tactical maneuver aimed at driving down vendor bids, at HPC, we perceive it as a pivotal strategic component of a port's digital ecosystem sustainability.

Our approach to procurement is anchored in robust business and solution architecture, offering an integrated, holistic strategy to negotiate requirements. We prioritize achieving optimal service levels at reasonable costs while minimizing gaps to be addressed internally or by third parties.

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Vendor Independence
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