Fueling the Future: Funding as the Catalyst for Propelling Transportation Business

In the dynamic landscape of the transportation sector, effective funding management plays a pivotal role in steering development, fostering innovation, and driving sustainable practices. Port and logistics operations are complex systems that require substantial capital for infrastructure enhancements, technological upgrades, and initiatives aligned with global imperatives such as energy transition and decarbonization.

Funding management in the port, terminal and hinterland sectors involves the strategic allocation and utilization of financial resources to optimize port efficiency, bolster competitiveness, and address challenges of decarbonization and energy transition.

In recent times, there has been a notable shift towards co-financing models that facilitate collaboration between public and private entities. This collaborative approach allows for the pooling of resources to support groundbreaking innovations and ambitious projects aimed at mitigating the environmental impact of port activities. Co-financing initiatives specifically earmarked for energy transition and decarbonization underscore the industry's commitment to addressing climate change and adhering to international sustainability standards.

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Scope of HPC's FUNDING ServiceS

Get Your Innovative or Sustainable Business Idea Off the Ground 

HPC  specializes in conducting impactful funding projects, seamlessly guiding clients from conceptualization and application to the project management phase, resulting in projects eligible for funding. To get your innovative or sustainable project idea off the ground, our funding specialist can guide you through the lifecycle of a funding project:

Project Identification and Conceptualization: Our funding experts identify the funding program that aligns with your project goals. We develop a clear concept, outlining the project's objectives, expected outcomes, and innovation aspects.

Application and Evaluation: We make sure to submit a comprehensive application, addressing all funding program’s criteria and requirements. The evaluation process typically involves expert reviews, and scoring based on predefined criteria.

Grant Agreement and Contracting: Successful applicants enter into a grant agreement e.g. with the EU. We help to review that the document outlines the project's terms, conditions, and milestones, ensuring clarity on reporting requirements and timelines.

Implementation and Monitoring: HPC's funding specialists help to execute the project according to the approved plan. Regularly monitor progress and adhere to reporting schedules. Compliance with agreed-upon milestones is crucial for continued funding.

Financial Management: Implement sound financial management practices, keeping meticulous records of expenses. Funding programs often have specific rules regarding eligible costs. We help to review the expenses in compliance with the funding plan.

Evaluation and Auditing: If required, HPC periodically evaluates and audits to assess project progress, impact, and financial management, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Project Closure and Reporting: Upon project completion, submit final reports detailing outcomes, lessons learned, and future sustainability plans. Comply with all closing requirements outlined in the grant agreement.

Benefit From Our Comprehensive Funding Advice

By delegating the complexities of funding applications to HPC, clients free up their management teams to focus on the core and exciting content of their projects. This shift not only streamlines the application process, but also increases overall project efficiency and creativity.

HPC's extensive and long-standing network of project organisers contributes to a remarkable success rate. Through years of collaboration, HPC has built strong relationships within the funding ecosystem, significantly increasing the likelihood of project approval. Clients benefit from HPC's industry connections by positioning their projects for optimal funding opportunities.

What's more, the cost of engaging HPC is not just an investment; it's a strategic allocation with tangible returns. HPC's proven track record of more than 80 projects, including the successful collection of a cumulative sum exceeding 70 million euros over the last decade, underlines the financial benefits clients can expect from securing funding for their projects.

Funding applications and processing by experienced logistics professionals
Frees management to focus on the exciting content
Long-standing network with project organisers, good success rate
Application costs more than recouped by funding

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