Empowering Airports for a Sustainable Future

The global air transport sector is subject to rapid transformation. For airports, the resulting challenges include competing for passengers and airline services, pursuing a capacity-matched infrastructure development strategy and ensuring efficient processes.

Moreover, airport operators are increasingly faced with challenging financing requirements as well as new regulatory issues and the need to implement comprehensive measures for noise abatement and environmental measures. This also requires stakeholder engagement and communication strategies.

Our specialized consulting services are aimed not only at airport operators, but also at public stakeholders i.e., public owners of airports, who are involved in shaping the future of aviation.

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HPC's multidisciplinary team of experts has 25+ years of experience assisting airport operators, public authorities, and other stakeholders in the air transport industry in developing sustainable and innovative solutions in an ever-challenging market environment.

Combining extensive air transport market experience with in-depth operational know-how gained in 50+ airport and aviation projects, we offer our customers worldwide support in keeping up with tomorrow’s air transport demands.

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How HPC Supports Airports and Public Stakeholders

Our extensive knowledge of the air transport industry and our unique know-how in market and process analyses as well as strategy development for airports provide you with the best conditions for a competitive and commercially sustainable business development.

  • Our expert team is dedicated to empowering airports with strategic support, enabling them to establish a strong market position.
  • We offer comprehensive measures for both national and regional air traffic policy, ensuring that the development of aviation aligns seamlessly with broader policy objectives.

  • With our proficiency in optimizing process flows, we guarantee heightened efficiency and smoother operations, especially within the air cargo sector. 

  • Our diverse expertise spans strategy and competition, including development concepts and competitive analyses, as well as policy measures in the aviation domain.

  • Moreover, HPC opens doors to access public co-financing opportunities, paving the way for addressing future challenges with sustainable solutions and cutting-edge technologies. Trust HPC for unparalleled funding management, securing financial backing for visionary projects in new technologies and sustainability.

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