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At HPC, we stand at the forefront of global port and logistics consultancy. Acting as a collaborative platform, we unite professionals, clients, and partners to transform ports within the transportation supply chain. Our goal? To shape these hubs into not just efficient but also sustainable centers for freight, energy, and data. The impact is not only for stakeholders but for the entire region they serve.

Join us on this transformative journey toward more sustainable and effective port solutions.

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What We Stand For

At HPC, we live diversity every day. With a vibrant team representing over 15 different nationalities and a global clientele, our workplace thrives on the richness of varied perspectives. We're not merely a consulting firm; we're a tapestry of cultures working together. Our commitment to diversity goes beyond words – we've embraced the mission and vision of the German Diversity Charter, a testament to our dedication in recognizing, appreciating, and integrating diversity in our global work environment. Because at HPC, diversity isn't just a goal; it's our everyday reality, shaping the way we think, work, and succeed together.

More Ethics and Compliance

At HPC, we believe in fostering relationships built on integrity, fairness, responsibility, and sustainability. Aligned with our parent company HHLA, these values are the cornerstones of how we interact with our employees, clients, suppliers, business partners, competitors, and other stakeholders. We extend this commitment to our suppliers and partners, expecting them to uphold these principles in their business relationships. For a deeper dive into our commitment, feel free to explore the details in our 'Code of Conduct.' It's more than just a set of rules – it's a reflection of who we are and the standards we hold dear at HPC.

Impressions of Our Activities

Our Story

Rooted in Operations, Fueled by Innovations

We are proud of our roots and the impressive journey we have made since our foundation in 1976. As a subsidiary of Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA), we were formed with the aim of optimizing terminal operations worldwide and helping to bring innovation to the port industry.

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A History of Milestones


HPC Hamburg Port Consulting was established as HHLA’s inaugural subsidiary. Situated at Container Terminal Burchardkai (CTB) in Hamburg, a bustling hub within Europe's busiest port at that time, HPC was poised to export terminal operating expertise in the dynamic field of global cargo handling and logistics.


Commencement of extensive technical and management assistance initiatives for the Nigerian Ports Authority and the Saudi Arabian Seaports Authority (SEAPA), marking the initiation of long-term projects aimed at enhancing operational efficiency and strategic management in both entities.


Established in 1981, the Hamburg Port Training Institute (HPTI) was founded as a subsidiary of HPC Hamburg Port Consulting with a focus on conceptualizing, designing, managing, and implementing customized training courses, seminars, and study tours. HPTI's scope extends to the railway, port, transport, logistics, and environmental management sectors, reflecting a commitment to delivering specialized educational programs in these domains.


The incorporation of UNICONSULT Universal Transport Consulting as a subsidiary of HPC signals a strategic alignment to deliver consulting services, particularly emphasizing expertise in the port hinterland industry. This integration enhances HPC's capabilities, enabling a comprehensive approach to consultancy services within the broader realm of transportation and logistics.


In 1995, HPC's team of software engineers successfully pioneered the development of the Container Terminal Information System (CTIS), an innovative solution implemented across over 10 terminals worldwide. Simultaneously, HPC achieved another milestone with the introduction of the Block Train Operations systems (BTOS) tailored for intermodal terminals. This dual accomplishment underscored HPC's technological prowess and commitment to advancing efficiency in the maritime and transportation sectors, providing cutting-edge solutions that left a lasting impact on terminal operations globally.


In 1996, HPC successfully created the Container Repair System (CRIS) for the Hamburger Container- und Chassis-Reparatur-Gesellschaft (HCCR), and it has been operational ever since. This accomplishment highlights HPC's commitment to innovation and efficiency in the realm of container and chassis repair, as the CRIS continues to play a crucial role in supporting the operations of HCCR with its sustained functionality since its inception.


In 2000, HPC initiated the establishment of the container terminal "HPC Ukraina," which is now recognized as HHLA Container Terminal Odessa (CTO). Acting as the initial terminal operator, HPC has been instrumental in steering CTO's operational growth and refining the terminal's IT infrastructure since its inception. Over the years, HPC has continued to play an important role in supporting CTO's evolution, contributing to advancements in both terminal operations and information technology landscapes.


HPC's terminal planners and port specialists played a key role in the planning and realisation of the Container Terminal Altenwerder (CTA) in Hamburg, making it one of the first fully automated terminals in the world. The CTA's blueprint, which showcases innovation and state-of-the-art automation in the maritime industry, is one of the strongest exports HPC has been involved in.


Pioneering a series of numerous intermodal rail initiatives for major Class 1 railroad companies in the United States—including BNSF, CSX, UP, and NS—HPC solidified its position as a hub of excellence for intermodal terminal planning. This marked the commencement of a substantial portfolio of projects that showcased HPC's expertise in collaborating with leading railroad entities, affirming its status as a premier center for excellence in the meticulous planning of intermodal terminals.


Commencing its development in 2005, the Integrated Terminal Control System (ITS) was meticulously crafted for Container Terminal Burchardkai (CTB) in Hamburg. Operational since 2010, this HPC-designed system highlights a five-year journey of refinement and innovation before its successful implementation at CTB. Serving as a testament to HPC's dedication to cutting-edge solutions, ITS has significantly contributed to the streamlined coordination and control of operations at CTB.


HPC's office transitioned to Container Terminal Altenwerder (CTA), where we welcomed numerous global visitors eager to explore the intricacies of automated container terminal operations.


In a strategic move to fortify our brand architecture, the previously distinct entities, HPTI Hamburg Port Training Institute and UNICONSULT Universal Transport Consulting, have been seamlessly merged under the unified brand name of HPC.


The launch of omoqo signifies the establishment of an independent brand, born from HPC's robust IT heritage but now operating autonomously. Specializing in software solutions for the terminal industry, omoqo stands as a unique entity with its roots deeply connected to HPC's technological legacy.


The new office near Hamburg's fish market not only offers better accessibility for customers and employees, but also a modern working environment. By being in close proximity to the core of our business - terminal operations - this move ensures greater availability and convenience for everyone involved, without neglecting our roots.

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