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Hoisting Container Terminal Operations to the Next Level of Efficiency and Sustainability

In the current landscape, terminal operators grapple with several challenges such as limited space and congestion, market volatility, economic uncertainties, supply chain disruptions, and the imperative to adhere to environmental compliance standards. Simultaneously, the industry is on the brink of a transformative era with automation and technology integration posing both opportunities and challenges.

As market requirements continually evolve, adaptability becomes paramount. Terminal operators must efficiently handle increasing volumes, optimize available space, and maximize productivity, especially during peaks arising from large-scale vessel calls. The evolution of the IT landscape into an interconnected network to establish the terminal at the interface between water and hinterland as an effective container and data hub within the supply chain will be crucial for future competitiveness. Moreover, aligning terminal operations with climate change goals by decarbonizing operations is a significant concern.

HPC recognizes these dynamics and offers a comprehensive scope of services to container terminal operators. From optimizing space utilization to navigating digital transformations, we are committed to assisting terminal operators in addressing the multifaceted challenges of the container shipping industry. 

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Desiring to improve your terminal’s capacity, wishing to increase your operational productivity or having the big matters of terminal new build or expansion in mind: With more than 500 projects for container terminals, it is HPC's bread-and-butter business getting the most out of your marine container terminal. 

Keeping in mind every facility's individuality, the multidisciplinary requirements of terminal planning and development are our profession. Whether it is our longstanding operational background, the particularities of financial assessment or the selection and specification of the most suitable IT setup and handling equipment, HPC is your partner of choice in all facets of marine container terminals.

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Grounded Expertise, Elevated Efficiency: Tailored Solutions for Your Terminal Success

No matter the precise requirements of your specific objectives, our work starts with both feet on the ground: at your terminal. Based on precise fact-finding by our experienced experts, we always pursue a holistic approach. We consider the entire terminal set-up - being well aware that any chain is just as strong as its weakest link: quay, yard, gate and hinterland connectivity, equipment, IT landscape, labour. 

  • The core element of our planning approach is proven tools for integrated capacity assessment analyses for different layout alternatives. By bringing actual and achievable capacity face to face we can draw up year-basis development plans, clearly indicating the way forward for operators and investors.
  • Our in-house terminal simulation tool HPCSim – customised to your requirements – will bring the final bit of precision to our terminal development approach and allows assessing even the most critical dynamic question which may arise.
  • A strong operational background is key to successful terminal planning. Whether it is the definition of operational strategies or the detection of existing inefficiencies, our team combines both: longstanding senior experience and fresh-minded modern approaches.
  • We are aware of the requirements towards increasing digitalisation and automation. Implementation and adjustment of a suitable and state-of-the-art IT landscape and TOS belong to our longstanding professions, no matter whether you trust in our in-house solutions or third-party input.

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