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Explore HPC, your premier destination for comprehensive and vendor-independent equipment procurement support tailored for ports, terminals and logistics facilities.  

As a trusted advisor, we understand the critical role that state-of-the-art equipment plays in optimizing port and logistics operations. Our goal is to provide you with cutting-edge, customized procurement strategies that not only enhance efficiency, but also ensure cost-effectiveness and future-proofing. 

With our unwavering commitment to finding the best solution for you, we'll guide you through the complex world of equipment procurement, ensuring that your facility is equipped to meet the demands of the modern cargo handling industry.

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Scope of ServiceS

Navigating the Procurement Life Cycle 

Our engineers support your procurement cycle of cargo handling equipment from requirements engineering to commissioning, testing and warranty inspection.

Requirements Engineering: Identifying the specific requirements and operational needs for the cargo handling equipment.

Specification Development: Creating detailed specifications for the required equipment, including technical and performance criteria.

Vendor Selection: Independently evaluating and selecting potential equipment suppliers or manufacturers.

Tender Assistance: Preparing and issuing tender documents to potential vendors; assessing received bids, comparing them based on customized criteria, contract negotiation support.

Design review: Collaborating with trusted partners to check the drawings, examination of the equipment’s design, including its structural components, load capacity, stability, and any special features or customizations that have been requested.

Construction supervision: Monitoring the manufacturing process and quality control to ensure it meets specifications and quality standard. Additionally, we support payment milestone confirmation process.

Commissioning and testing: Supervising the installation of the equipment, go-live and testing it to ensure it operates as expected.

Warranty inspection: Inspections and performance reviews during the warranty period agreed as per contract.

Unlock Efficient Equipment Procurement

Elevate your equipment procurement with HPC. Our streamlined and transparent process, proven in numerous projects, ensures you purchase machinery tailored to your needs while optimizing the cost-to-performance ratio.

As an impartial third-party, we provide recommendations free from manufacturer influence, freeing you from bias. With HPC, you'll save on procurement costs and in-house efforts, allowing you to focus on your core operations.

Guided and Transparent
Procurement Process
Purchase the
Appropriate Equipment
Impartial 3rd Party
Optimized Cost-to-
Performance Ratio

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