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Empowering Seamless IT Implementation

Implementation follows the pivotal moment when concepts and plans materialize into tangible solutions. Whether it's deploying a new software system, integrating cutting-edge hardware, or executing transformative IT initiatives, each implementation project carries its own unique set of challenges and considerations. No two projects are identical, even if they deploy the same technology. Factors such as organizational culture, operational nuances, and environmental variables also contribute to the complexity of the successful project implementation and should not be overlooked.

Time-sensitive projects often contend with competing priorities, resource constraints, and intricate workflows. This necessitates the need for robust project tracking, management, and coordination mechanisms. Success hinges on the ability to navigate these complexities with precision and agility, ensuring that projects are executed efficiently and delivered on schedule.

By leveraging specialized skills, industry best practices, and tailored management techniques, HPC IT consultants empower ports and terminals to navigate the complexities of implementation with confidence and clarity.

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HPC's Scope of IT Implementation Services

Delivering Smooth Integration From Planning to Successful Go-Live

At HPC, we understand the importance of interconnected systems. We are committed to providing tailored IT implementation services that not only meet the unique needs of our clients, but also support seamless data exchange amongst the multitude of stakeholders within the terminal digital ecosystem.

System Implementation: We provide specialized advisory and support tailored to various systems including Terminal Operating Systems (TOS), Rail TOS, Gate Operating Systems, Terminal Control Systems, Maritime Single Windows, Port Community Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, and other miscellaneous systems. This service encompasses expert guidance throughout the implementation process.

Quality Assurance & Test Management: HPC ensures the quality of IT implementation services by testing and verifying the performance of all technology solutions before they are implemented. This includes developing testing plans, test execution, identifying and addressing issues, and ensuring that all systems are functioning as expected.


Release & Migration Management: We provide expert release and migration management services to ensue the smooth transition from the current system to the new technology solution. This includes planning, scheduling, and coordinating all release and migration activities, minimizing downtown and ensuring that all data is migrated accurately.

Training Academy: HPC's training academy facilitates end-user training as well as train-the-trainer programs. In addition, it assists in developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and establishing independent audit, examination, and certification processes, as required, such as for Maritime Single Windows.

Go-Live & After Go-Live Support: We provide support during and post the go-live period to ensure the smooth operation of all technology solutions. This includes providing on-site support, identifying and addressing issues as they arise, and ongoing support post go-live to ensure optimal performance and minimize downtime.



Make your Systems Integration Work Smoothly

With a strong operational background, HPC understands that system features extend beyond software interfaces. Their extensive experience, of over 120 successful projects, allows them to anticipate implementation challenges, mitigate risks, and avoid common industry pitfalls.

HPC's proactive approach ensures timely project delivery and efficient risk management, ultimately leading to successful outcomes for their clients.

Operational Knowledge meets IT Implementation Experience
Mitigating Risks Throughout the Implementation Process
Avoidance of Industry Pitfalls

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