Multipurpose Terminals

Charting a Course in the Era of Supply Chain Integration

In the face of growing vessel sizes, volatile cargo volumes, intensified competition, land use constraints, and an increasing demand for supply chain integration, multipurpose ports and terminals are compelled to adapt. 

A multipurpose terminal, offering infrastructure, equipment, and services for various cargo and vessels, must be flexible to accommodate users from different cargo markets. The optimization potential for these often historically grown structures raises questions about restructuring or constructing new terminal areas to harness anticipated advantages.

A prevailing trend emphasizes greater networking among the various players in the transportation chain. Innovative technologies and rapidly changing market requirements in maritime supply chains and production sectors drive increased automation and digitalization. Future multipurpose terminals stand to benefit from increased networking, automation, and innovative IT systems.

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With a solid knowledge base and a proven track record of more than 60 multipurpose terminal projects worldwide, HPC is your best partner when it comes to developing future-oriented multipurpose terminals.

Whether you want to increase the capacity of your terminal, improve operational productivity, build a new terminal or plan an expansion, our operational, economic and digital expertise will support you in every phase of the development and implementation of your multipurpose terminal project, taking into account the individuality of each installation.

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How HPC Supports Multipurpose Terminals

Leverage the HPC Toolkit to Future-Proof Your Multipurpose Terminal

Based on cooperatively defined project objectives and a comprehensive analysis of physical conditions onsite and market potentials, we develop tailor-made options for efficient operation processes and modern terminal layouts. Our operating concepts are demand-driven and characterized by optimal phased strategies for a sustainable use of financial resources.

In order to ensure the success of multipurpose terminal projects, both economically and socio-economically, the development of viable business concepts up to the evaluation of environmental and social effects is one of our core competences.

Terminal Development and Feasibility:

  • Terminal development concepts and feasibility studies
  • Market analyses and forecasts for cargo, passenger, and vessel traffic
  • Conceptual designs, capacity, and process analysis
  • Visual simulation of operational processes

Financial and Economic Assessments:

  • Financial viability assessments for terminal development concepts
  • Cost-benefit analyses and economic impact assessments
  • Transaction advisory support to governments and investors

Strategic Planning and Implementation:

  • Strategy development and implementation support

Sustainability and Social Impact:

  • Sustainability and environmental protection concepts
  • Social impact assessments

We further prepare your terminal for successfully implementing and using equipment (hardware, software) by providing tailored solutions and accompanying the implementation process up to commissioning. This includes business process modelling, integration management, IT strategy, technical specifications, asset lifecycle management, and operations manual development.

Trust HPC to equip your multipurpose terminal with the foresight, proficiency, and innovative solutions needed for a sustainable and successful future.

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