The Power of Simulation: Making Fully Informed Decisions

Building, transforming, or expanding ports and terminals involves substantial investments in infrastructure, marine crafts, equipment, and IT. The decisions made at these stages are monumental, shaping the future of these vital hubs. Ensuring that every cent is wisely spent is paramount.

Traditional methods of static calculations and relying on past experience have their limitations. Terminals are highly dynamic systems, influenced by external and stochastic factors that vary across different setups. That's where simulation comes into play.

The HPC simulation services empower you to capture the dynamic and stochastic effects inherent in ports and terminals. Our simulation specialists test alternative terminal setups in a realistic environment, providing unparalleled insights for informed decision-making.

Join us in embracing the power of simulation—a transformative tool for terminal planning and optimization. Maximize efficiency, minimize risks, and pave the way for a future where your terminal operates at its full potential.

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Profit from the UNIQUE TOOLBOX

Introducing HPCsim - Navigating Tomorrow, Today!  

HPC has created HPCsim, a bespoke simulation toolbox carefully tailored to the unique requirements of our industry. With precision and expertise, our simulation experts have developed a solution that goes beyond conventional standards and adapts seamlessly to the intricacies of our dynamic field. 

Marine Traffic Simulation: Simulation of vessel traffic in ports including approach channels, locks, and bridges.​ This comprehensive approach facilitates the analysis and optimization of vessel traffic within port environments. Read more

Quay Simulation: Simulating quay operations entails modeling the intricacies of ship and crane characteristics, vessel delays, berthing processes, and loading operations. This process validates vessel schedules and identifies the optimal berth and quay crane configurations for efficient operations. Read more



Marine Terminal Simulation: Simulating every facet of container terminal operations, encompassing equipment characteristics, cargo flows, processes, and strategies. Delivering accurate foresight into upcoming terminal activities, validating and optimizing layout, equipment, and processes. Read more

Track Simulation: HPC specialists simulate train movements and switching operations, considering realistic track, engine and railcar characteristics and enable testing alternative train schedules, track layouts, switch engine quantities and switching strategies.​ 

Rail Terminal Simulation: We simulate all cargo handling operations on intermodal rail terminals, including all equipment, cargo flows, processes and strategies. As results, you gain precise insights into future terminal operations, validating and optimising layout, equipment & processes.​ 

Traffic Simulation: By simulating vehicle traffic, modelling road infrastructure, vehicle characteristics, traffic rules and human behaviour we help to identify bottlenecks and quantify the effects of infrastructure changes and improvement measures. Applicable for road networks in ports and beyond. 

Better Understanding the Dynamics of Your Facility

Opting for HPC simulation services is akin to unlocking a realm of strategic advantages. By harnessing the power of simulation, businesses gain the ability to foresee potential scenarios, optimize operations, and make informed decisions with reduced risks. It's not just about predicting outcomes; it's about understanding the intricate dynamics of our port industry, fine-tuning strategies, and ensuring that every move is calculated for success. 

HPC simulation services provide a virtual playground for testing development options, refining processes, and anticipating challenges, ultimately paving the way for smarter, more efficient, and future-ready operations. 

90+ simulation projects
carried out worldwide
Taylor-made processes
and strategies
Highest accuracy
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