Organizational Structure

Architecting a Sustainable Structure for a Dynamic Organization 

At HPC, we cherish a well-structured framework that not only efficiently organizes our work but also embraces a holistic approach to development, aligning with the needs of our clients and the market. Our organizational structure reflects the synergy of knowledge and people, acknowledging that consulting is a dynamic blend of expertise from operations and human interaction, with recent the emphasis on integrating data analytics.


Organizational Chart

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Our leadership takes the form of a powerful tandem. Each brings a unique set of skills and experience to the company. One has deep roots in the terminal and port sector; the other has a solid background in the aviation industry. Together, they form a synergistic team that sets the course for the growth and impact of our organization to the transportation supply chain. 

Understanding the diverse dynamics of the global port industry, we acknowledge the significance of establishing a closer connection with our clients. Operating within diverse regulatory frameworks, cultural contexts, and market conditions, our regional business development structure spans the Americas, Europe, Middle East & Africa, and Asia-Pacific, allowing us to actively listen and adapt. This approach enables us to customize our services to meet the distinct needs of clients in each region, ensuring our advisory services is not only targeted but also highly effective.

At the heart of our consultancy are the services in the areas of Operations, Commercial and Digitalization. Within each of these pillars, several dedicated teams manage an extensive portfolio of service components. Their task? To work side by side with our clients to master the daily challenges of port and logistics operations and ensure our clients' long-term competitiveness in the dynamic landscape of the port and logistics industry.

The supportive functions play a crucial role in fortifying our consultancy's foundation. Controlling ensures financial oversight and strategic planning, while Marketing spearheads our presence and engagement in the market. The People Development team stands out as a cornerstone, fostering the individual growth of our consultants in alignment with our strategic development. The Assistance team keeps our day-to-day operations running smoothly, and IT ensures that we remain technologically competitive.

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