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Become an Active Player of Evolving Hydrogen Logistics

As part of the energy transition, ports and terminals can become central players in the hydrogen value chain. Their strategic importance lies in their potential to serve as hubs for the distribution, transport and even production of hydrogen. 

As partner for ports and terminals, HPC will support their clients in developing actionable strategies to pave the way for green hydrogen as an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional energy sources.

This role requires building a dedicated infrastructure that seamlessly integrates with existing systems to address challenges ranging from decarbonisation to operational efficiency. 

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SCOPE OF HPC's Hydrogen Logistics Services

Develop Your Hydrogen Value Chain

At HPC, we offer hydrogen consulting services to help businesses navigate the complexities of the hydrogen market and identify new business models, providing valuable insights into current market developments. We can provide active support in these areas:

Feasibility Studies: Meticulous examination of the practical aspects involved in implementing hydrogen infrastructure through comprehensive feasibility studies.

Business Plan Development: Central emphasis on crafting robust business plans for clients, facilitating in-depth analyses of the economic potential within the hydrogen business.

Hydrogen Hub Integration: Specialized focus on seamlessly integrating hydrogen hubs into the international logistics framework.

Retrofitting Initiatives: Extending expertise to address sustainability concerns, with a specific focus on retrofitting initiatives for terminal and port equipment.


Co-funding Opportunities: Recognition of the financial considerations associated with transformative projects, coupled with the facilitation of co-funding opportunities. This is particularly pertinent for German stakeholders and members of the European Union, fostering collaborative ventures aimed at advancing hydrogen technologies.

By partnering with HPC, businesses can gain a competitive advantage in the emerging hydrogen market, while accelerating their transition towards a more sustainable future.

Paving the Way for Shaping a Future with Hydrogen

With a proven track record, HPC is specialized in creating a robust decision-making basis for operators looking to expand their business into the area of alternative fuels, such as hydrogen. Through meticulous analyses and comprehensive business plans, HPC enables operators to make informed decisions, paving the way for the successful integration of hydrogen technologies.

Leveraging our extensive expertise in terminal planning, specifically a deep understanding of infrastructure requirements and operational process integration, HPC is well-positioned to assist clients venturing into the hydrogen supply chain. Our specialized knowledge ensure a strategic approach to establish and optimize hydrogen-related operations within the port environment.

Moreover, HPC's expertise extends to identifying future opportunities within the hydrogen market. HPC provides valuable insights that empower operators to position themselves strategically in the evolving landscape of alternative fuels.

Recognizing the financial considerations inherent in entering new business endeavours, HPC funding management experts explore possibilities for public co-financing. This approach not only mitigates financial risks but also fosters collaboration, particularly for German stakeholders and members of the European Union, making the transition into the hydrogen market a financially viable and collaborative venture.

Holistic Integration Approach
Identifying and Capitalizing on New Opportunities
Expertise of infrastructure requirements and operational integration
Proven Record in Co-financing for Hydrogen Projects

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