Intermodal Rail Terminals

Laying Down the Rails of Opportunity: Intermodal Rail Terminal Development

Managing the growth in intermodal traffic is a key focus and challenge for our Clients operating an intermodal rail terminal. Whether undertaking greenfield projects, terminal expansions, or network optimizations, embracing a comprehensive approach with a specific focus on operational requirements and financial viability has proven to be the most successful path toward achieving success.

Within this dynamic landscape, there are significant opportunities. The ongoing trend towards a modal shift, favouring more sustainable transportation modes, opens avenues for increased demand. Additionally, leveraging technological advancements, such as implementing automation systems, presents chances to optimize operations and enhance overall efficiency and safety. 

Furthermore, with global trade expansion, intermodal rail terminals can position themselves as pivotal hubs, playing a crucial role in facilitating international commerce and capitalizing on the increasing interconnectedness of supply chains. 

In addressing these challenges and opportunities, HPC is seen as a trusted advisor for intermodal rail terminals. Let's collaboratively shape tailored solutions for your facility's unique needs, ensuring a path to sustainable success.

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HPC has extensive knowledge of intermodal markets and is the leading consultant when it comes to the design and implementation of integrated and balanced terminal solutions. With our vast experience in the automation of container terminals, HPC is at the forefront of driving innovation and facilitating automation in the intermodal industry. From small reach-stacker terminals to large terminals with automated RMG cranes – HPC has done it all and is your partner of choice, with a demonstrated history of success across all areas of the business.

With a proven track record advising clients in North America and Europe, HPC stands as a distinguished consultant in the intermodal industry. Our expertise encompasses comprehensive knowledge of transportation and logistics, intermodal terminal operations, cutting-edge integration, sustainability practices, strategic planning, collaborative problem-solving, and a client-centric approach. 

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How HPC Supports Intermodal Rail Terminals

Key to the intermodal terminal services offered by HPC is the thorough analysis of relevant framework conditions, the sound knowledge of intermodal operations and innovative technologies, and the experience, especially in the intermodal industry.

As solutions are developed in close coordination with the Client, layout concepts are tailored to the unique characteristics of the individual project, enabling a solution perfectly fitted for your requirements.

The optimized terminal designs developed by HPC allow for smooth operations, and the comprehensive analysis, including operational and financial aspects, supports our Clients’ decision-making process towards efficient terminal operations and profitable investments. 

Furthermore, a unique asset of HPC's services is the interdisciplinary approach that combines the different viewpoints of our experts from the fields of operations, commercial, digitalization, asset management and sustainability, guaranteeing a comprehensive project development for the benefit of the Client.​​​​​

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