NEOM - Green Maritime Market Research

NEOM - Green Maritime Market Research


NEOM was interested in utilizing green fuels such as hydrogen, methanol, and ammonia for low carbon sea mobility by deploying fuel cells and other green fuel combustion technologies for low carbon maritime propulsion. A market analysis conducted by HPC shall assist NEOM in evaluating the range of technologies in the market for current and future techno-commercial solutions.

Tasks Performed

  • Identified suppliers of powertrains running on electricity or green fuel
  • Overview of existing vessels running on green fuel technology
  • Examined marine exhaust after-treatment technologies + carbon capture
  • Examined techniques and technologies to optimise bunkering
  • Prepared preliminary basic strategy for the Green Maritime Propulsion Hub
  • Competitive analysis to sustain the developed strategy by pointing out similar plans, or intentions by other market players


Better identifying the major players in the market will enable a position for the NEOM Green Maritime Propulsion Hub (GMPH).

HPC's Expertise:
Market Research, Renewable Energy, Hydrogen Logistics Consulting

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

NEOM Green Maritime Propulsion Hub (GMPH)

Financed by:

08/2021 - 11/2021

Project Team

Maxim Neiser
Maxim Neiser

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Carsten Eckert
Carsten Eckert

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