Business Development for HHLA as a Hydrogen Hub Provider

Business Development for HHLA as a Hydrogen Hub Provider

The Challenge

HHLA contracted HPC to support the development of business models within the hydrogen industry and supply chains as part of HHLA’s organizational and strategic development. Against this background, HPC identified various options on how HHLA could position itself as a logistics service provider within an existing or own consortium. HHLA also commissioned HPC to elaborate different funding schemes for hydrogen applications within their organisation.

Tasks Performed

  • Analysed existing market situation, market competitor spectrum, potential client structure and future market regions
  • Scoped future logistics challenges and opportunities in the emerging hydrogen market
  • Elaborated on the process for the use of hydrogen (production, storage, transport, consumption) and identifying stakeholders and first-mover projects
  • Assessed the feasibility of expanding into new business areas affiliated with hydrogen
  • Specified business models focussing on hydrogen and fuel cell logistics


With an in-depth analysis HPC provided HHLA with future opportunities to enter the hydrogen market. At the same time, we successfully supported the application for related funding.

HPC's Expertise:
Hydrogen Logistics Consulting, Co-Funding Application & Administration Support

Hamburg, Germany

HHLA Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG

Financed by:

02/2020 - 04/2020

Project Team

Hartmut Beyer
Hartmut Beyer

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