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To Proceed or Not to Proceed: The Dilemma Solved by Prefeasibility and Feasibility Studies

Embarking on a port development project is a significant endeavor, and understanding its viability at an early stage is crucial for success. This is where Pre-Feasibility and Feasibility Studies come into play, serving as essential tools in assessing the potential and risks associated with such projects.

A Pre-Feasibility Study (PFS) and a Feasibility Study (FS) are evaluations conducted to determine the practicality and potential success of a port development project. These studies are pivotal in defining parameters for the initial viability check, aiding in the decision-making process of whether to proceed with the project or stop it.

These studies are relevant in greenfield terminal, port, or the first stage of a larger logistics infrastructure project. Whether contemplating a new port facility or the expansion of existing infrastructure, the insights derived from these studies offer invaluable guidance to stakeholders.

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Mastering Feasibility Studies with Expert Viability Assessment

HPC offers a comprehensive scope of services for prefeasibility and feasibility studies, providing a thorough viability check. The process involves defining parameters for the initial viability check, combining insights from interviews, site visits, and public sources.

While navigating through various analysis, including market and competition analysis, traffic forecast, and high-level operations concepts, HPC conducts a meticulous review of existing drawings, plans, and studies to analyze infrastructure requirements.

The services extend to high-level estimations of capital expenditures (capex) and operational expenses (opex), assumption of tariffs for revenue calculations based on regional benchmarks, and financial analyses on discounted project cash flow basis. Optionally, an environmental review and a cost-benefits analysis can be conducted based on available studies, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation to support informed decision-making.

Your Benefits from HPC's Feasibility Studies

HPC's approach involves careful assumptions drawn from market analysis, competition assessments, and traffic forecasts. We conduct a review of existing infrastructure requirements using available drawings, plans, and studies. Providing high-level estimations of capex and opex, assuming tariffs based on regional benchmarks, and conducting financial analyses, we equip stakeholders with crucial insights for decision-making.

Opting for HPC ensures a partnership that not only evaluates project viability but also guides the development of market-ready and successful ventures.

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