Construction Supervision for four (4) Ship-to-Shore Container Gantry Cranes (STS)

Construction Supervision for four (4) Ship-to-Shore Container Gantry Cranes (STS)


The Port of Beirut (GEPB) sought procurement assistance pertaining to the acquisition of four (4) additional ship-to-shore container gantry cranes (STS) and twelve (12) more rubber-tyred gantries (RTG). The equipment was ordered with Chinese manufacturer Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Co. Ltd. (ZPMC) in addition to the existing supply contracts for six STS and 21 RTG. Two of the new cranes each are to be installed at the western extremity of Quay 16A and at the eastern extremity of Quay 16B. The STS cranes were built according to the same specification as previously ordered Nos 11 and 12, with a modification of the gantry system for two of the cranes. The RTG have been manufactured in Jiangyin, assembled, commissioned and tested in Nantong, while the STS have been built at ZPMC’s Changxing Island base. The equipment will be shipped to Beirut fully erected.y.

Tasks Performed

  • Design review
  • Constantly supervise the cranes’ construction focussing on quality control, non-destructive and special tests on all welding seams of the main structure and other welds exposed to tension
  • Inspect steel works as well as welding and coating to make sure that respective standards are adhered to according to the specification
  • Inspect assembly, wiring, electric and hydraulic components
  • Preliminary testing of major components and electrical control systems
  • Check all machinery including alignment of moving parts
  • Support to GEPB in case of critical quality issues
  • Open box check of Bromma spreaders upon arrival at ZPMC’s construction sites
  • Attend preshipment tests at the manufacturer’s site
  • Hand-over of the cranes at Beirut Port


  • Guided, transparent and clear step-by-step procurement process for the Client to buy the right machine for the purpose
  • Quality, operational and safety risks are reduced to a minimum
  • The assets are built to specification and it is made sure that the Client gets what he ordered

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09/2012 - 04/2019

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