Workshop Planning and Lean Maintenance for Manila International Container Terminal

Workshop Planning and Lean Maintenance for Manila International Container Terminal


ICTSI has experienced rapid volume growth on its flagship facility, the Manila International Container Terminal (MICT), over recent years. In response to the development, ICTSI has initiated a variety of capacity enhancement projects, such as the addition of berths and densification of the yard. While MICT is operated as an RTG terminal, the workshop is designed to cater for straddle carriers. Further, ICTSI is aware that individual RTG productivity is below the benchmark requiring significant improvement. Against the background of the recent extension of the terminal concession, ICTSI intends to invest in a new workshop tailored to the needs of the prevailing terminal operations on the basis of excellence in maintenance resulting in increased equipment productivity. HPC was requested to assist ICTSI in this strategic terminal improvement and development project. The first phase consisted of an initial quick check of maintenance processes defined and described in SAP, equipment and staff performance indicators and basic and detailed workshop planning. The subsequent second phase includes the finalization of the detailed workshop planning and investigation of present maintenance processes. On this basis, appropriate measures will be taken to realise improvements in order of priority.

Tasks Performed

  • Phase 1: Project kick-off, basic and detailed workshop planning and M&R efficiency quick check of current maintenance and repair processes
  • Phase 2: Finalization of detailed workshop design including detailed layout of workshop/store complex, survey of current maintenance and repair processes and support in implementing improvements


  • Implementation of short & long-term actions for a strategic swing towards preventive maintenance
  • Cut the downtime and enhance equipment availability and lifetime
  • Less CAPEX and increased utilization of the workshop
  • Up-to-date tools and repair processes

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Engineering Consulting

Manila, Philippines

International Container Terminal Services, Inc.

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01/2016 - 12/2017

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Olaf Schulz
Olaf Schulz

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