Consultancy Services for the Purchase of Container Handling Equipment for Khalifa Port Industrial Zone, Abu Dhabi

Consultancy Services for the Purchase of Container Handling Equipment for Khalifa Port Industrial Zone, Abu Dhabi


After having set up their new port facilities in the Khalifa Port Industrial Zone (KPIZ) with a semi-automated container terminal, ADPC again contracted HPC Hamburg Port Consulting GmbH with overseeing the construction, installation and commissioning of additional container handling equipment to be operated at Khalifa Port. Services included comprehensive construction supervision for three container gantry cranes (STS) in addition to the six previously procured from Chinese supplier ZPMC, and for 12 automated stacking cranes (ASC) in addition to the 30 provided by Konecranes in the previous 2010-2012 project. Apart from this "Manufacture Stage", HPC also supervised unloading, testing and commissioning of said equipment throughout the "Install & Commission Stage" at ADPC's premises at Khalifa Port.

Tasks Performed

  • Review of the manufacturers' production schedules
  • Monitoring of the manufacturing progress and elaboration of recommendations for ADPC to take appropriate action where quality and deadlines were not being met
  • Inspection of steel works, welding and painting at the manufacturers' sites in Europe and China
  • Inspection of assembly, wiring, electric and hydraulic components
  • Checking of all machinery including alignment of moving parts
  • Conduction of equipment stage inspections or factory acceptance tests of key components
  • Supervision of pre-shipment/functional tests
  • Witnessing of unloading of the equipment and visual inspection for any transport damages
  • Inspection of equipment during erection, assembly and commissioning
  • Supervision of final test trials until provisional acceptance of the equipment and checking of all crane functions, including safety/block/endurance and performance tests


  • Quality, operational and safety risks are reduced to a minimum.
  • The assets are built to specification and it is made sure that the Client gets what they ordered.
  • Quality tests double-checked and confirmed by 3rd party

HPC's Expertise:
Engineering Consulting

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi Ports Company

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02/2013 - 10/2014

Project Team

Olaf Schulz
Olaf Schulz

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