SCPA Greer Intermodal Facility Expansion Concept Review

SCPA Greer Intermodal Facility Expansion Concept Review

The Challenge

SCPA asked HPC to review and validate the existing expansion plans for Greer Intermodal Facility because they intended to match the available terminal area and planned equipment utilisation to the changed circumstances, particularly regarding the share of empty containers and longer dwell times.

Tasks Performed

  • Updated operational parameters
  • Analysed the impact of changed circumstances
  • Calculated the new terminal capacity based on current data
  • Evaluated performance regarding peak scenarios
  • Identified planning constraints
  • Assessed existing expansion plan & calculated future capacity
  • Identified potential bottlenecks & assessed potential phasing options for civil works


HPC highlighted the terminal constraints and proposed technical and organisational improvements to the expansion plan.

HPC's Expertise:
Terminal Planning & Logistics

Greer, United States of America

South Carolina Ports Authority (SCPA)

Financed by:

11/2021 - 01/2023

Project Team

Christoph Schoppmann
Christoph Schoppmann

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