Rail Terminal Development Budapest

Rail Terminal Development Budapest

The Challenge

The terminal BILK in Budapest is one of Rail Cargo Group's main hubs for intermodal traffic. While they handled mainly maritime containers, the demand for processing trailers and other continental traffic increased. As they had almost reached their cargo handling capacity limits, and adjacent land for expansion opportunities was unavailable, RCG was looking for alternatives to improve the terminal capacity.

Tasks Performed

  • Site visit and interviews with external stakeholders to understand the local conditions and set the planning basis
  • Analysed current terminal capacity based on jointly defined assumptions
  • Sensitivity analysis of planning parameter setup with current terminal layout and processes to understand most critical influence factors
  • Elaborated development scenarios considering procedural, operational and technological improvements
  • Compared development scenario effects and recommendations for the terminal’s future strategic position


HPC helped BILK to understand the influence of external framework conditions on their terminal capacities and to derive measures to optimise the terminal's position in the market.

HPC's Expertise:
Terminal Planning & Logistics, Transport Economics

Budapest, Hungary

Rail Cargo Terminal - BILK Zrt.

Financed by:

09/2021 - 03/2022

Project Team

Frank Busse
Frank Busse

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Christoph Schoppmann
Christoph Schoppmann

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