Review of Railway Station Options for Fenix Port Bronka Container Terminal

Review of Railway Station Options for Fenix Port Bronka Container Terminal


Fenix engaged HPC for a greenfield project, focusing on optimizing the container railway station layout during the terminal's construction. Through collaborative workshops, HPC evaluated and compared diverse railway station layouts provided by Fenix. The analysis encompassed operational benefits, considering both railway and terminal perspectives, and quantified the capacities of each layout.

Tasks Performed

  • High-level options assessment
  • Identified the best railway station layout
  • Evaluated railway operations for alternative layouts
  • Assessed intermediary co-utilization of loading tracks alongside the RoRo terminal & evaluated level crossing and shunting operations
  • Set up requirements of a long-term terminal development concept
  • Considered yard operations and traffic flows in the terminal
  • Capacity assessment for tracks and lifting equipment
  • Recommended on the development of railway station layouts


HPC conceptually developed the most advantageous alternative to prepare Fenix Port Bronka for the long-term market demand in 2030. The concept focused on accommodating future growth in handling volumes, additional CFS inside the terminal area, and the anticipated rail share while providing sustainable operation means in the years to come.

HPC's Expertise:
Operational Assessment

St. Petersburg, Russia

Fenix LLC

Financed by:

04/2015 - 05/2015

Project Team

Dr. Sven Barckhahn
Dr. Sven Barckhahn

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