Jefferson Rail Terminal Capacity Maximization by Operational Procedures Simulation

Jefferson Rail Terminal Capacity Maximization by Operational Procedures Simulation


The Jefferson Energy Terminal for liquid petrochemical bulk products receives and dispatches cargo mainly by rail. The existing infrastructure was close to reaching its capacity limits. Several measures related to additional infrastructure, loading and off-loading equipment, and operational improvements could achieve the required capacity increase. The total terminal infrastructure, including several switching and train operating schemes, was incorporated into HPC’s simulation model to evaluate the benefits of the improvement options.

Tasks Performed

  • Comprehensive one-week on-site mission, including workshops with operational staff, switching teams, management and technical department
  • Comprehensive investigation of existing infrastructure on-site and cross-checking with provided terminal plans and technical drawings
  • Calibrated HPC’s simulation model to customer’s needs and specific requirements
  • Transferred infrastructure and operations schemes into the model
  • Conducted simulation runs
  • Evaluated simulation results and preparation of related documents


HPC elaborated the best composition of options providing the largest positive impact. Due to numerous previous comparable projects, HPC managed to realize this project in a very short time.

HPC's Expertise:
Simulation, Terminal Operations

Beaumont, United States of America

Jefferson Gulf Coast Energy Partners LLC

Financed by:

01/2020 - 03/2020

Project Team

Frank Busse
Frank Busse

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Carsten Eckert
Carsten Eckert

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