Rail Terminal Development in Almaty

Rail Terminal Development in Almaty

The Challenge

ALG Terminal in Almaty/Kazakhstan commissioned HPC supported by its project partner Xvise from Austria to provide technical and commercial support in developing a new operations concept for their rail terminal, preceded by a market outlook and cargo forecast.

Tasks Performed

  • Evaluated the status quo relating to current operations practices
  • Benchmarked existing concept ideas
  • Identified drawbacks, potential constraints, and areas for improvement
  • Analyzed regional transport corridors, hinterland networks, the macroeconomic background and domestic industry developments
  • SWOT analysis, highlighting market-related potentials and risks
  • Projected containerized cargo volumes
  • Prepared different operations concept options for future volume growth
  • Identified handling equipment requirements
  • Presented a phasing plan to realize the preferred operations concept


HPC and Xvise helped ALG Terminal to identify their future market potential and developed a new layout and operations concept based on future market trends to cater for increasing cargo traffic.

HPC's Expertise:
Intermodal Rail Terminals, Terminal Planning & Logistics

Almaty, Kazakhstan

ALG Company

Financed by:

04/2023 - 08/2023

Project Team

Frank Busse
Frank Busse

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