Master Plan for the SPC and SPGC Terminals in Caldera

Master Plan for the SPC and SPGC Terminals in Caldera


The Port of Caldera is Costa Rica's main port on the Pacific Ocean. SPC and SPGC are presently managing the cargo operations at the port with a 20 year concession until 2026 and the possibility of an extension afterwards. Caldera Port primarily handles dry bulk, containers, general cargo/break bulk and RoRo cargo, but also some liquid bulk, tuna and reefer fruit palettes. In addition, the port is called by some cruise vessels. In order to raise the efficiency of the port, HPC was asked to elaborate a Master Plan for Caldera Port. The aim of the Master Plan was to assess the future potential for cargo handling at the port and to analyse the technical and operational requirements as well as financial prospects associated with the restructuring and expansion of the port.

Tasks Performed

  • Market assessment including the analysis of the current macro-economic development and growth prospects in Costa Rica
  • Port competition analysis for Costa Rica and Central America's Pacific Coast
  • Elaboration of traffic forecasts for all types of cargo currently handled at Caldera Port
  • Elaboration of a phased port development plan, including terminal layout design, equipment requirements, management and operations procedures, staffing requirement in view of the forecasted cargo volumes, trade direction, vessel sizes, storage time etc.
  • Preparation of a financial analysis comprising the estimation of Capex, Opex and revenues for the Port and the elaboration of a cash flow analysis
  • Recommendations regarding the establishment of new co-operations with SPC/SPGC's Clients
  • Assessment of SPC/SPGC's organizational structure and recommendations for improvements in the light of planned port development and proposed operational changes


  • Provision of forecast for the development of port Caldera for the next decades to come
  • Identification of most benificial commodities for improvement of cargo volumes
  • Budgeting of future financial demand to develop the port area

HPC's Expertise:
Terminal, Planning & Logistics; Transport Economics

Caldera, Costa Rica

Sociedad Portuaria de Caldera S. A. / Sociedad Portuaria Granelera de Caldera S. A.

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01/2014 - 12/2014

Project Team

Dr. Elisabeth Schoppmann
Dr. Elisabeth Schoppmann

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