Development Concept for a Mineral Bulk Terminal in San Juan de Marcona, Peru

Development Concept for a Mineral Bulk Terminal in San Juan de Marcona, Peru


IQ Martrade Holding und Management GmbH contemplated investment in a dedicated deepwater port for the handling of minerals such as iron ore and copper concentrate in San Juan de Marcona. The investor asked HPC to explore the potential of the project in-depth within a feasibility study. The conditions in the San Juan Bay, such as deep waters and natural protection from waves support the development of a port able to handle very large bulk carriers. In the hinterland of San Juan, numerous mining projects were in exploration or in production at the time the study was conducted. The development of these mines was impaired by the lack of a suitable port nearby. Other ports were located approx. 500 km to the north and the south of San Juan. HPC conducted a market and competition analysis to estimate the market potential and the economic impact of a port development in San Juan

Tasks Performed

  • Market and competition analysis for the Port of San Juan
  • Development of cargo traffic forecasts for iron ore, copper concentrate, sulphuric acid and project cargo and elaboration of a concluding vessel traffic forecast
  • Operational and layout planning for the export of ores and the import of liquid bulk and project cargo
  • Capacity assessment and dimensioning of berths, storage facilities and buildings as well as projection of traffic flows inside the port and at the gates for two layouts (with or without iron ore handling)
  • Phasing concept for port development including quantification and dimensioning of equipment for receiving, transferring, storing, reclaiming and loading all cargos
  • Civil engineering analysis of the proposed structures including cost estimates and project plans
  • Consideration of environmental and social impacts of the port development in San Juan
  • Financial analysis including cost and revenue projections for operating cost (labour, energy, M&R), investment cost (civil engineering, equipment) and revenues (tariffs for vessel and cargo operations)


  • Support the decision for investments
  • Assurance of financial volumes to be invested
  • Detailed understanding of civil engineering efforts required for future development

HPC's Expertise:
Terminal Planning & Logistics, Transport Economics

San Juan de Marcona, Peru

IQ Martrade Holding and Management GmbH

Financed by:

04/2016 - 07/2016

Project Team

Dr. Elisabeth Schoppmann
Dr. Elisabeth Schoppmann

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Dr. Sven Barckhahn
Dr. Sven Barckhahn

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Tatiana Eggert
Tatiana Eggert

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