Strategic Master Plan for Chittagong Port

Strategic Master Plan for Chittagong Port

The Challenge

The overall objective of the assignment was to elaborate a strategic master plan for the development of the Port of Chittagong, which should also serve as a tool to identify potential projects to be funded under PPP schemes or directly by ADB. The consultancy services encompassed a comprehensive traffic forecast. It further provided assessments of current port operations including customs procedures, hinterland traffic and port connectivity of all deployed port equipment and installations, as well as of existing and planned maritime and landside infrastructure. HPC developed short-term improvement measures and elaborated a multi-phase port development framework. This implied considering several expansion scenarios on the basis of site investigations at the Karnaphuli River as well as at the shore of the Bengal Bay.

Tasks Performed

  • Analyse the existing hinterland transport network of the Port of Chittagong
  • Analyse the past and present cargo throughput, competitors and economic developments
  • Develop a traffic forecast by cargo groups
  • Analyse the current port infrastructures and port operations as well as customs procedures and their effects on port efficiency
  • Develop short-term improvement measures and elaborate alternative processes and facility utilisation to improve port performance, related investment plans and assessments of financial viability
  • Assess the port security system and institutional and governance capacity of Chittagong Port Authority
  • Prepare ToR for the hydraulic and hydrological study for Karnaphuli River & evaluate proposals
  • Identify potential port expansion areas
  • Prepare a phasing plan for port development for next 30 years, including land use plan
  • Review manpower requirements and assess the need for legal reforms
  • Support regarding financing issues of the master plan
  • Identify further needs for support


  • Provision of forecast for the development of the entire port for the next decades to come
  • Detection of strategic projects for the development of the master plan
  • Budgeting of future financial demand to develop the port area

HPC's Expertise:
Transport Economics

Chittagong, Bangladesh

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Financed by:

07/2013 - 02/2015

Project Team

Christina Prieser
Christina Prieser

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