Development of a Commercial Strategy for HHLA TK Estonia

Development of a Commercial Strategy for HHLA TK Estonia


HIG contracted HPC to support the development of a comprehensive and actionable commercial strategy for HHLA TK in Estonia over a 3-5 years horizon.

Tasks Performed

  • Identified commodities with highest volume potential and return, focusing on containers (reefer) and bulk
  • Identify key players in the relevant markets
  • Assess HHLA TK’s competitive position, conduct SWOT analysis and elaborate USPs
  • Prioritised target commodities incl. pricing structure and value-added services
  • Elaborated detailed prioritised action plan, volume impact of recommended measures and requirements in terms of storage, etc.


HPC identified niches in a highly competitive market and improved the Client’s service range and quality.

HPC's Expertise:
Market Assessment & Forecasting, Port Development Planning

Tallinn, Estonia

HHLA International GmbH (HIG), Tallinn, Estonia

Financed by:

02/2019 - 05/2019

Project Team

Dr. Elisabeth Schoppmann
Dr. Elisabeth Schoppmann

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