Container Market Due Diligence Study for the Arabian Gulf and Latin America

Container Market Due Diligence Study for the Arabian Gulf and Latin America


The client sought for an independent due diligence report on its markets and financial prospects. The consultancy services fulfilled by HPC comprised a market and competition assessment of the client's operations on different markets and continents like Middle East and Latin America, covering gateway, as well transhipment traffic. Traffic forecasts were elaborated with a forecast horizon to 2032 and were provided together with high-level assessments of business plans, revenue and EBITDA expectations.

Tasks Performed

  • Traffic and competition analysis for container handling at terminals in three countries
  • Traffic and competition analyses for general cargo handling at terminals in different countries and markets
  • Elaboration of a forecast model for traffic at transhipment hub
  • Analysis of regional and global shipping line patterns
  • Tariff analysis of client's and competitors' terminals
  • Benchmarking of client's revenue and EBITDA expectations with global and regional market
  • Analysis and revenue of investment plans


  • Detailed understanding of market environment and competitors’ strategies
  • Overview of handling volume potentials as basis for future port development
  • Understanding of client’s financial position vis-à-vis competition

HPC's Expertise:
Transport Economics

United Arab Emirates

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04/2013 - 06/2013

Project Team

Dr. Nils Kemme
Dr. Nils Kemme

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Christina Prieser
Christina Prieser

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