Consultancy Services on a Ro-Ro Master Plan for Muuga Port

Consultancy Services on a Ro-Ro Master Plan for Muuga Port


Muuga Port expected a significant traffic increase. To accommodate future traffic and cargo volumes adequately and define necessary measures, HPC developed a Ro-Ro master plan for the port.

Tasks Performed

  • Identified related needs of other operators and stakeholders
  • Terminal planning and layout
  • Ro-Ro traffic routing within the terminal area with integration into and assessment of restructuring requirements of Muuga Port
  • Yard area and terminal capacity planning for existing and future expansion areas
  • Nautical expertise for the planning of new Ro-Ro berths 
  • Review of Rail Baltica planning for Muuga Port and integrated rail yard and operations planning on- and off-terminal


HPC developed a strategic planning basis for the multipurpose terminal integrating into the port, including a concept of how to connect to the regional Rail Baltica network aligned with on-terminal rail handling operations.

HPC's Expertise:
Port Master Planning

Tallinn, Estonia

HHLA TK Estonia

Financed by:

06/2019 - 10/2019

Project Team

Patrick Specht
Patrick Specht

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Dr. Sven Barckhahn
Dr. Sven Barckhahn

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