The Emphatic Bridge Builder

Sarah Voss, Co Team Leader Digitalization 

An IT job is boring, isn't it? Sarah Voss often hears this question. Then she explains with a smile that she gets to look at lively faces just as often as data architectures and IT infrastructures. "Digitalisation is strongly influenced by working with people. Communication is essential because digital transformation is radically changing the economy", she says good-humouredly. As an IT strategy consultant and meanwhile Co Team Leader Digitalization at HPC, the Cologne native leads project teams at various companies that want to manage their processes more efficiently.

Her bachelor's degree in business administration, a master's degree in logistics management and over ten years of professional experience "in a robust environment" form a solid base to handle these demanding, change-related management tasks. " Technical and functional aspects play an important role in our projects but are often made out as the smaller part.  She finds it more time-consuming but all the while appealing "…to take people along and to bring all project participants together". This is extremely important for any project. "Most companies want to give their employees more time for strategic activities. Digitalisation can help with this. We create the trust for this as part of our projects", Sarah explains.

With a lot of energy, empathy and her Rhineland cheerfulness, she is dedicated on both a professional and personal level. For this, "good preparation, a clear picture of the goal, as well as active listening and understanding" are important. She takes her time, seeks dialogue with everyone and follows up. Her humorous, approachable manner helps her overcome resistance and build bridges.

"Many clients are looking for consultants with 15 to 20 years of professional experience. In the IT sector, however, it is precisely the combination of tech pioneers and domain experts that offers added value", she emphasises. She considers fresh ideas and being open to both innovation and change as important qualities in IT strategy consulting.

Sarah loves diversity which is why HPC is the right place for her. The multi-faceted spectrum of digitalization topics excites her just as much as global projects with travel to remote areas and exploring new cultures.

In her private life, she likes to try new things and is constantly inspired by both local and global diversity. Here, too, people play a key role for Sarah as her social environment is the constant that helps her recharge.

Sarah Voss

Co Team Leader Digitalization

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