Due Diligence

Due Diligence as the Compass for Investors in the Port Industry

In the domain of port industry investments, due diligence is a pivotal process that empowers investors to make informed decisions about the acquisition or development of a facility. Unlike standard financial scrutiny, due diligence in the port and logistics sector is uniquely complex, encompassing a multifaceted approach that considers commercial prospects, operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, environmental factors, and broader industry dynamics.

The primary goal of due diligence is to provide investors with a comprehensive understanding of the terminal's current state, identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This involves assessing commercial standing, operational efficiency, capacity utilization, compliance with safety standards, and potential areas for improvement. Moreover, due diligence plays a critical role in risk assessment, examining geopolitical factors, market volatility, regulatory changes, and technological advancements to gauge their impact on future performance.

An essential outcome of due diligence is the identification of areas requiring additional investment, such as infra-/superstructure upgrades, technology integration, or environmental sustainability measures. This information allows investors to formulate a strategic plan to enhance the terminal's capabilities and resilience in a dynamic global trade landscape.

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HPC's SCOPE of services

Guiding Informed Investment Decisions

HPC's scope of due diligence services encompasses a thorough examination of the data room, providing a detailed market analysis grounded in existing contracts and competition dynamics. The evaluation includes a detailed traffic forecast and gap analysis covering operations, infrastructure, HSSE, training, and IT performance. 

The scrutiny extends to the personnel structure and management performance, aiming to enhance operational efficiency.

HPC conducts a review of existing operations and formulates a revised concept, adapting infrastructure planning and preparing asset valuations.

The services further encompass tariff analysis, revenue calculation, and the determination of Capex and Opex. With a keen eye on financial viability, HPC ensures a robust financing structure, facilitating a full financial analysis that is deemed "bankable".


The process also involves a SWOT analysis for a holistic view of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, coupled with risk mitigation strategies. HPC's services provide a comprehensive framework for clients to make well-informed decisions, aligning strategic objectives with market dynamics.

Your Benefits from HPC's Due Diligence Support

HPC offers a strategic advantage in due diligence for port and terminal investments. With a comprehensive approach, including market analysis, operational assessments, and financial scrutiny, we provide investors with a clear roadmap.

From identifying operational gaps to optimizing infrastructure and ensuring financial viability, our expertise guides investors through complexities, fostering well-informed decisions.

Engaging HPC ensures a nuanced understanding of an asset's potential and risks, paving the way for sustainable and lucrative port and terminal investments. 

Proven Track Record
Comprehensive Approach to Due Diligence
Strategic Decision Support
Financial Rigor and "Bankable" Analysis

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