Study on Possible Implications of the Non-Expansion of the Munich Airport

Study on Possible Implications of the Non-Expansion of the Munich Airport


This project was elaborated by HPC’s former subsidiary UNICONSULT Universal Transport Consulting GmbH. Both companies combined their competencies and services in the course of a merger in July 2017. It was the study’s aim to describe the relevance of the expansion of the Airport for Munich, Bavaria and Germany. The study particularly focussed on the consequences tourism, business traffic, conference and trade fair traffic as well as air freight traffic would face in case the Airport was NOT expanded by a third runway. In addition, the study was to identify companies, who were willing to publicly point out the importance of the Airport and its expansion for their business activities (testimonials).

Tasks Performed

  • Develop an airport profile, e.g. function and position of Munich Airport, traffic offered, importance of the air freight, business flights, function as a hub
  • Regional economic analysis of the Airport for the scenarios “non-expansion” and “construction of a third runway”
  • Elaborate scenarios for ”non-expansion“ and “construction of a third runway“ and derive possible loss and increase of importance for the economy of the Airport's local area Munich and Upper Bavaria
  • 27 structured professional interviews with stakeholders, complemented by standardized questionnaires


By combining calculations of economic benefits with testimonials of renowned stakeholders, the study clearly illustrated the regional economic importance of a third runway at Munich Airport. As such, it not only provided the Client with credible arguments for further discussions with various stakeholders but also constituted a valuable tool for an effective communication with the general public.

HPC's Expertise:
Transport Economics

Munich, Germany

Chamber of Commerce & Industry for Munich & Bavaria

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09/2014 - 01/2015

Project Team

Dr. Olaf Zeike
Dr. Olaf Zeike

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