Cruise Traffic Forecast for the Port of Hamburg

Cruise Traffic Forecast for the Port of Hamburg

The Challenge

Since its opening in 2004, the Client, Hamburg Cruise Center, has been called by a steadily increasing number of cruise vessels. Not only the number of vessels has increased, but also the vessels’ capacities and dimensions. Limited berth capacities at Hamburg Cruise Center along with a strong seasonality of cruise traffic and a significant concentration of vessel calls at certain days of the week further push the demand in peak times. The Client asked HPC to elaborate a traffic prognosis for cruise vessels in the Port of Hamburg.

Tasks Performed

  • Planning, preparation and moderation of an initial expert workshop with representatives from different stakeholders in the cruise business in the Port of Hamburg
  • Elaboration of a cruise vessel and passenger traffic prognosis for the Port of Hamburg based on expert input and the Consultant's independent research; the research considered entire cruise rotation patterns in northern Europe and the integration of Hamburg as a cruise node and destination into the regional market
  • Identification of potential sites for cruise terminals in the Port with a view to future expansions
  • Assessment of potential alternative cruise terminal sites, identifying and comparing strengths and weaknesses in terms of capacity, nautical accessibility, passenger access, distances to tourist sites, general attractiveness of the location and its vicinity
  • Determination of future demand for cruise berth capacities till 2020
  • Elaboration of recommendations for maintaining the Port of Hamburg's role as a leading cruise port in northern Europe


  • Better understanding of Hamburg's future cruise market potential for more precise planning of ressources, facilities, infrastructure and public budgets

HPC's Expertise:
Transport Economics

Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg Cruise Center

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02/2007 - 10/2007

Project Team

Christina Prieser
Christina Prieser

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