Cruise Terminal Concept and Planning Study for the Port of Georgetown

Cruise Terminal Concept and Planning Study for the Port of Georgetown

The Challenge

Grand Cayman is one of the prime cruise destinations in the Caribbean with almost two million visitors per year. During the peak season up to eight cruise ships call simultaneously. At the time of the study, these vessels had to anchor offshore as the Port of Georgetown did not possess berthing facilities with sufficient depth of water and quay length. Passengers were embarked and disembarked using tenders. To address these problems and improve the situation, a private investor planned to develop a new cruise terminal in the vicinity of Georgetown on Grand Cayman Island. In an initial phase, HPC was contracted to assist in the planning of this project with the provision of market expertise and technical and operational advice.

Tasks Performed

  • Preparation of a study of the cruise market in the Western Caribbean, including the Cayman Islands, and its likely future development in terms of passenger volume, cruise itineraries, frequency of port calls, vessel sizes, etc.
  • Preparation of a cruise traffic forecast for Grand Cayman up to the year 2015 and indicative long-term development trends up to 2020
  • Projection of future revenue generated by the cruise terminal project
  • Assessment of operational requirements, based on forecasted cruise passenger flows and definition of terminal procedures
  • Development of a cruise terminal concept and operational layout, including internal transport requirements, terminal buildings, hinterland access and parking, fenced security areas according to ISPS requirements, etc.
  • Review of existing cruise jetty plans, prepared by a civil engineering company appointed by the Client
  • Review of quantities and cost estimates for proposed civil works


The professional analysis on the market, terminal concepts and economic issues build the ground for the client to make best possible business-oriented decisions.

HPC's Expertise:
Terminal Planning & Logistics

Georgetown, Cayman Islands

Atlantic Star Limited

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02/2007 - 10/2007

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