Assessment of Ruegen Island‘s Market Potential as a Cruise Location

Assessment of Ruegen Island‘s Market Potential as a Cruise Location


With the ferry port (Mukran Port) and the city port, Sassnitz, located on Baltic Sea island of Ruegen has two ports providing cruise ships of different sizes top facilities for a call. Still, both ports were looking to increase their share in the very positive development of cruise shipping in the Baltic Sea throughout recent years.

In order to examine how the two Sassnitz ports could better participate in the dynamic growth rates of passenger numbers and vessel calls, Mukran Port appointed HPC with a market assessment. We analysed both the market potential for the development of cruise operations at Mukran Port as well as the status and quality of operational, touristic and marketing-related requirements.

Tasks Performed

  • Market assessment regarding an improved development of the cruise traffic in both the ferry port (Mukran Port) and the city port of Sassnitz
  • Checking whether additional handling facilities are necessary in view of current expansion projects and regular port handling operations
  • Assessment of the region’s ability to attract tourists, taking the perspective of cruise passengers
  • SWOT analysis to evaluate development perspectives
  • Recommendations on the use of the identified development potentials


  • Identification of development prospects for Mukran Port and the city port of Sassnitz
  • Suggestions to promote cruise activities to the benefit of tourism and economic activities in the region (i.a. direct approach of cruise shipping lines, joint marketing efforts for the region, developping specific services for cruise passengers)
  • Sound decision basis for the client’s management and supervisory board

HPC's Expertise:
Transport Economics

Ruegen, Germany

Faehrhafen Sassnitz GmbH

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03/2018 – 10/2018

Project Team

Hartmut Beyer
Hartmut Beyer

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