Consulting Services for Design and Implementation of a Ferry Service Supervisory Body

Consulting Services for Design and Implementation of a Ferry Service Supervisory Body


After the disastrous accident of the ferry ''Le Joola'' with the tragic loss of almost 2,000 lives the German Government decided to assist Senegal with the supply of a new ferry for the maritime traffic link Dakar - Ziguinchor. The project consisted of assistance in setting up a unit to regulate domestic maritime traffic from the perspective of efficient and professional management and in accordance with international safety standards. As relevant experience has not yet been gained by Senegalese staff deficiencies in the area of operator supervision were countered by specific professional training in order to ensure appropriate supervision and regulation. The approach taken to provide the desired services covered the standard range of services to set-up and manage, launch, train, test and strengthen a unit to regulate and supervise the domestic maritime traffic operators.s.

Tasks Performed

  • Evaluation of the current situation, present structures, framework conditions and experience linked to operation of a supervisory unit
  • Development of cooperation strategies with other relevant organisations and preparation of a detailed development concept for the establishment of the supervisory unit
  • Elaboration of an implementation concept for intermediate structures, i.e. organisation & procedures, manpower development & recruitment, IT systems, logistics and assistance in implementing the concept
  • Preparation of training schemes for specific areas taking account of necessary interfaces and cooperation with other relevant parties
  • Assistance in configuration and specification of procedures of an accounting & financing unit, including analytical cost accounting, recommendation of a system for levies & charges
  • Monitoring the execution of tasks by the unit's staff, as well as the contractual obligations of the ferry operator
  • Management assistance to counterpart staff
  • Training of inspectors
  • Training of accounting unit
  • Implementation of MARPOL controls


  • Implementation of flag state control and port state control according to international standards, bringing Senegal into a leading position in the MoU Abuja region (West Africa)
  • Capacity building inside the National Maritime Authority

HPC's Expertise:
Work Safety

Dakar, Senegal

KfW - Kreditanstalt fur Wiederaufbau

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06/2009 - 12/2014

Project Team

Dr. Martin Schramm
Dr. Martin Schramm

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Jörg Geerke
Jörg Geerke

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Helga Wagner
Helga Wagner

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