Automated Truck Check-in and Check-out at HHLA Container Terminals

Automated Truck Check-in and Check-out at HHLA Container Terminals


The project focused on increasing the automation level regarding truck check-in and -out processes across HHLA's 3 container terminals in Hamburg. This included the introduction of optical character recognition (OCR) for out-gate processes, introducing reversed sequence of trucker interaction at check-in, and implementing additional OCR check attributes.

Tasks Performed

  • Managed all project-related activities across the three terminals
  • Led a team of Client representatives from all premises involved
  • Assured process standardisation across terminals wherever possible
  • Coordination with several Client departments, including software development, technical engineering & construction, hardware procurement, sales, law & insurance


HPC ensured management support from all terminals, timely software amendments, procurement of OCR gate hardware and co-ordination with on-site construction teams.

HPC's Expertise:
Automation Roadmap

Hamburg, Germany

HHLA Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG

Financed by:

02/2020 - 01/2021

Project Team

Heiner Bachmann
Heiner Bachmann

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