Support with the Preparation of two Applications in the Framework of the Funding Initiative IHATEC

Support with the Preparation of two Applications in the Framework of the Funding Initiative IHATEC

The Challenge

This project was elaborated by HPC’s former subsidiary UNICONSULT Universal Transport Consulting. Both companies combined their competencies and services in the course of a merger in July 2017.The Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) launched a funding initiative named “Innovative port technologies (IHATEC)” to optimize cargo and passenger handling in German ports as well as their hinterland traffic. Not only did the project focus on the improvement of the port terminals’ handling performances and traffic flows in general but also aimed at avoiding traffic jams and bottlenecks at and between the ports’ terminals. UNICONSULT supported the clients by identifying two suitable projects within HHLA group, developed related concepts and prepared the grant applications. The project “Container Terminal 4.0” was the first application BMVI selected for funding. This project aimed at finding solutions for the interaction of human workforce and automated handling facilities in commonly used workspaces, which had not yet been shared for safety reasons. Given the project’s high correspondence with the funding objectives, the Ministry granted an amount of EUR 1.5m for the period from 2017 to 2019 for “Container Terminal 4.0”.

Tasks Performed

  • Identify eligible projects within HHLA group
  • Compare and assess these projects with regard to the funding guidelines
  • Identify and contact potential partners
  • Requirements descriptions
  • Elaborate preliminary project calculations
  • Coordination with the lead partner and the grant authority


  • Professional access to a new innovation programme including significant co-financing for new technology and software to improve efficiency in the terminal process and vessel coordination
  • By participating in this innovation programme HHLA had the opportunity to develop and promote their company’s brand as innovative and future-oriented to the benefit of their customers.

HPC's Expertise:
External Funding

Hamburg, Germany

HHLA Hamburger Hafen & Logistik AG, HVCC Hamburg Vessel Coordination Centre

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01/2016 - 11/2016

Project Team

Hartmut Beyer
Hartmut Beyer

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