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Ehab Habib, VP Middle East & Africa

Such great and crucial groundwork was laid at the Latakia International Container Terminal (LICT) that it resulted in Ehab Habib working at HPC as an IT strategy consultant and terminal operating system (TOS) implementation expert today. He was immediately hooked when he started working as a TOS specialist at LICT before he had even completed his bachelor's degree in mechatronics: "The atmosphere, the communication with the dockers, the workplace at the port…" is what he finds exciting. To lend a hand wherever a hand is needed, that's his world. He describes his job at HPC as follows: "I improve port terminal processes. Since I am familiar with both operations and IT, I can bring both together to find the best solution".

Ehab Habib has continually improved his technical know-how by obtaining a Master of Business Administration in Syria, followed by a Master of Science in Operation and Management of Maritime Systems at Wismar University of Applied Sciences. He wrote his master's thesis on the automation of container terminals at HPC in Hamburg. He eagerly breathed in his beloved port air and quickly learned the way of working with standardised processes. Practical relevance is enormously important to Ehab–he makes himself useful and lends a hand wherever possible. "I always try to help, both professionally and privately", he says. At HPC, his camaraderie is much appreciated because it helps the team grow closer. In 2023, he was promoted to Vice President Middle East & Africa.

Due to his multicultural background and respectful demeanour, he is an asset to HPC and their international port projects. "The more you travel and meet different people, the easier it is to adapt to the local mentality", he states. From his own experience, he knows "that there is not only one way to tackle something". He’s constantly learning new things regarding this during his assignments abroad–even outside of work. When sharing a meal with colleagues and clients, he is often moved by their hospitality and warm-heartedness.

Ehab Habib

VP Middle East & Africa

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