Onshore Power Supply 

Shore Power: Transforming Ports for a Cleaner, Quieter Future

Onshore power supply (OPS), also known as cold ironing or shore-to-ship power, provides electrical power from the shore to a ship during a port stay. This allows ships to turn off their auxiliary engines, reducing emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases.

The "Fuel EU Maritime Regulation" mandates shore-side electricity utilization from 2030 for all cruise vessels with more than 12 passengers and container vessels over 5,000 GRT. At the same time, the EU's "Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Regulation" requires EU ports to prepare for CO2-free energy supply by then.

Embracing shore power offers significant benefits, including emission and noise reduction, promoting sustainable development, and improving air quality in port cities.

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Making You Ready for Onshore Power Supply 

HPC makes you ready for Onshore Power Supply by providing comprehensive support for OPS implementation in ports, including requirement analysis, planning, feasibility studies, funding assistance, technical specifications, bid evaluation, and construction supervision.

Requirement Analysis: We conduct a thorough analysis of the OPS requirements, ensuring full compliance with EU regulations aimed at sustainable port operations and evaluate the specific needs and constraints of the port to tailor the OPS solution accordingly.

Planning Support: Provide expert assistance in planning to navigate complex legislative requirements related to OPS implementation.
Identify and document the specific OPS infrastructure requirements from the port's key client groups, including both cruise and cargo shipping companies.

Feasibility Concept: Develop a comprehensive feasibility concept that includes detailed financial planning, implementation strategies, and operational management plans for the OPS infrastructure. Assess the technical and economic viability of various OPS solutions to ensure the most effective and efficient approach.​

Co-Funding: Assist in the preparation and submission of co-funding applications for both fixed and mobile power supply systems. Work towards securing funding to significantly reduce the overall investment required for OPS infrastructure. Identify potential sources of funding and financial incentives available at the regional, national, and EU levels.

Tender Assistance: Collaborate with partners to prepare technical specifications required for tender documentation to ensure clarity and precision in the bidding process.

Supervision: Collaborate with partners to offer qualified supervision and assessment during the construction phase to ensure the OPS infrastructure is built to the highest standards.

Unified Port, Funding, and Technical Expertise Under HPC for OPS Success 

With extensive experience in port operations, HPC understands the unique challenges and requirements of port environments, ensuring compliance with all EU and local regulations. Our proven track record in securing funding helps reduce investment costs, while comprehensive financial planning ensures economic viability and sustainability. Combined with strong partnerships, HPC provides OPS knowhow supporting an OPS infrastructure tailored to your port's specific needs.

By partnering with HPC, you leverage our experience and expertise to achieve a successful OPS implementation, creating a cleaner, quieter, and more sustainable port environment.

Extensive Port Operations Experience
Proven Funding Expertise
Technical Knowledge and Strong Industry Partnerships

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