Consultancy Services for the Port Modernisation Project Kingstown​

Consultancy Services for the Port Modernisation Project Kingstown​


Sellhorn and HPC developed technically and economically viable, climate-resilient, socially-inclusive, and gender-responsive solutions for the modernization of port and terminal facilities in Kingstown, including the improvement of the road network to/from the port. ​

Tasks Performed

  • Review of criteria for the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) funding
  • Review of the Port Rationalisation Study
  • Review of GOSVG/SVGPA strategic development objectives
  • Economic and financial analysis of the project
  • Environmental and social impact assessment
  • Operations planning for new cargo, intraregional cargo and inter-island ferry terminals


The solutions established helped the Client make decisions regarding developing and adapting the main cargo port in Kingstown to handle the future increased cargo volumes. ​

HPC's Expertise:
Financial Analysis

Kingstown, St. Vincent​

St. Vincent and the Grenadines Port Authority (SVGPA)

Financed by:

03/2018 - 08/2019​

Project Team

Christina Prieser
Christina Prieser

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Tatiana Eggert
Tatiana Eggert

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