Assessment of CO2 Transportation on the River Elbe

Assessment of CO2 Transportation on the River Elbe


Total Energies SE assigned HPC to investigate and assess the navigational capabilities and legal restrictions for CO2 transportation by vessel on the river Elbe between Central Germany and the Port of Hamburg.

Tasks Performed

  • Provision of statistical information and analysis on average shipping duration along the Elbe River, and possible alternative routes, with delays statistics and reasons for these delays.
  • Analysis of navigational constraints & limitations for navigation
  • Assessment of alternative transportation routes to avoid bottlenecks, e.g. via Mittellandkanal and Elbe-Side-Canal
  • Desk study on the current legislative situation & technical regulation for CO2 transport on inland waterways in Europe/Germany


With the study, HPC supported the Client in deciding whether to pursue the future transport of liquefied CO2 between its refinery in the city of Leuna and the Port of Hamburg by waterway.

HPC's Expertise:
Inland (River) Ports, Transport Economics

Hamburg/Courbevoie, Germany/France

TotalEnergie S.E.

Financed by:

02/2022 - 03/2022

Project Team

Jörg Geerke
Jörg Geerke

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Alexander Koschinsky
Alexander Koschinsky

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