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Hamburg Port

Data Analytics

Have you considered data as a strategic asset?

Progressing digitalisation has been reshaping the global supply chain. End-to-end logistics have increasingly gained importance for countries as well as companies to remain in a competitive position.

Along the supply chain, innovative digital solutions generate and share data to automate and provide data insights for enabling more informed decisions. Ports and terminals play a key role in this data chain as they become digital hubs that connect various stakeholders and facilitate goods transport.

Why HPC?

We treat data as a strategic asset for our clients. Consequently, we take a holistic approach to designing and implementing artificial and business intelligence solutions to automatise and support strategic data-driven decision-making processes.

Our AI & BI teams consist of data architects, data scientists and data engineers who jointly work together with a visionary mindset backed by robust methodologies combined with state-of-the-art technologies.

Your benefits

HPC is the strategic partner along your digital roadmap towards innovative, automated, and data-driven business operations. We design artificial and business intelligence solutions based on your requirements today and in the future.

  • Business intelligence apps
  • Explainable artificial intelligence solutions
  • Management consulting and technical consulting to succeed with AI & BI strategies

Our approach

Keep it simple and optimise towards business value. Agile development is the key to developing client-oriented whilst cost-effective. We strive for fully integrated and automated solutions from the raw data source to the enablement of making data-driven decisions. Meanwhile, scalability and flexibility are the base to meet new demands in the future. We support you on the change management journey to become a data-driven company.

Our experience

  • Business Intelligence Apps
  • Artificial Intelligence Solutions
  • Terminal Analytics
  • Market Intelligence & Forecasts
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Pattern Recognition of Cyber Attacks


  • Monitoring and Reminder System
  • Sales Dashboard App
  • Data Pipelines & Automations
  • IT Strategy & Management
  • Data Modelling and Architecture
  • Data-Driven Product Portfolio Management
  • Change Management

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