Penang Port Master Plan

Penang Port Master Plan


Port Penang contracted HPC to undertake a full sprint master plan over their four terminals in Penang, including container, liquid and dry bulk, and breakbulk terminals for the next 30 years of development. This included an assessment of market development in the country and cross-border hinterland and close island potential growth. It also comprised hinterland potential investments and growth aligned to the Penang state government planned development, in so far as it affected the port.

Tasks Performed

  • Market study for regional cargoes
  • Hinterland market study
  • Port optimisation evaluation for three terminals, i.e. for containers, breakbulk and dry and liquid bulk
  • Capacity assessment for the three terminals
  • 30 years financial forecast for a port facility
  • Development of recommendations, both civil and equipment estimations
  • Proposed master plan for the port development for 30 years


With the master plan, HPC provided the Client with full visibility of market potentials and investment requirements for a sound and strategic decision-making process.

HPC's Expertise:
Terminal Planning & Logistics, Transport Economics

Penang (Georgetown), Malaysia

Penang Port Sdn Bhd

Financed by:

12/2020 - 04/2021

Project Team

Malte Steenbeck
Malte Steenbeck

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Patrick Specht
Patrick Specht

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