The Fifth Edition of the Work Plan for the Scandinavian-Mediterranean TEN-T Transport Corridor published

The fifth edition of the European coordinator’s work plan for developing the Scandinavian-Mediterranean TEN-T transport corridor (Scan-Med corridor) has recently been disclosed.


This work plan focuses on current and future compliance issues within the Scan-Med Corridor, identifying persisting bottlenecks, and presenting the key recommendations for project implementation, financing, and funding

By establishing the TEN-T core network of transport infrastructure, the European Union (EU) intends to strengthen the efficient and sustainable transport of cargo and passengers in Europe. The TEN-T core network consists of nine transport corridors assessed in an iterative workflow by an international team of “corridor consultants”. 

Since its project launch in 2015, HPC has been co-working with the team of multi-national “corridor consultants” on behalf of the European Commission’s Directorate General for Mobility and Transport (DG MOVE) to support the future optimisation of the European transport infrastructure. Over time, the consultants have developed a list of more than 3,000 infrastructure measures for all transport modes that support the development of the Scan-Med Corridor. All recommendations are available in the published work plans.  

HPC's main task is to analyse the current quality of the seaports and airports of the Scan-Med corridor. The infrastructure measures studied are based on elaborating of local or national infrastructure development plans and initiatives of various stakeholders.  

“We are proud to contribute to a project of such importance for the European transportation sector”, said Dr Olaf Zeike, Project Manager at HPC. “As the work plan provides a comprehensive overview of various measurements, we are happy to assist governments and authorities in developing their infrastructure further.” 

With its competence in economic transportation, port and terminal planning and operations for the port, rail and airport terminal sector, HPC supports governments, authorities and port and terminal operators to optimise and develop port and logistics infrastructure from the planning to its implementation phase. 

The fifth edition of the work plan for the Scandinavian-Mediterranean TEN-T Transport Corridor is available for download here.