Session #03: Port Automation - Why automation projects can fail

Let's talk about port automation and why implementing automation projects are challenging.

Pascal Brockmann, Director Operations at HHLA International

With over 10 years of experience in terminal operations, Pascal Brockmann focuses on strategic management in terminal development, for example in the areas of automation, equipment requirements planning and procurement, management processes and the digitalization of customer communication.

As an operations and IT consultant at HPC Hamburg Port Consulting, he communicated his experience to mostly South American customers, but his expertise was also in demand at the HHLA terminals in Odessa and Tallinn. Since 2018 he is now Director Operations at HHLA International and is responsible for all operations and technical topics for HHLA’s international terminals.

Dr. Nils Kemme, Managing Director and Partner, HPC

With almost two decades of experience, Nils’s primary focus has been on strategic development and sustainable optimisation of ports and terminals. In recent years, he has delivered more than 40 development plans and optimisation projects on six continents. Using HPC’s proprietary simulation tools, which Nils established and developed together with his team, he ensured optimal investments, increased capacity, and performance, and reduced operating costs and emissions by double-digit percentages.

He also is a renowned speaker at international events of the port and transport industry and has published several books and articles in this area.

Dr. Lawrence Henesey, Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Blekinge Institute of Technology

Dr Lawrence Henesey has a PhD in Computer Science and is an Assistant Professor of Artificial Intelligence at the Blekinge Institute of Technology in Sweden. He has extensive expertise in port management, digitalisation and automation. He has been working in the port industry for nearly 30 years, working with influential organisations such as APMT, PSA, Hutchison Port Holdings, DP World and other global terminal operators on automation and electrification technologies such as AGVs, ASCs, automated cranes, RTGs and RMGs. He has also worked on simulation, TOS, applied AI and other IT related projects.


Christina Prieser, Associate Partner at HPC, has moderated the debate.

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