Traffic Simulation

Optimization of Traffic Planning in Ports and the Hinterland

Traffic simulation is a vital aspect of port and hinterland traffic planning, providing a virtual environment to model and analyze the dynamics of vehicular movement on road networks.

By employing advanced computer algorithms and modeling techniques, traffic simulation allows planners and researchers to predict, evaluate, and optimize traffic flow, congestion patterns, and overall transportation systems.

Traffic simulation not only aids in the design of efficient road networks but also plays a crucial role in addressing emerging challenges such as traffic management, sustainability, and the integration of smart technologies.

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Scope of HPC's Traffic simulation ServiceS

Tackling Bottlenecks and Enhancing Infrastructure Efficiency 

By simulating vehicle traffic, modelling road infrastructure, vehicle characteristics, traffic rules and human behaviour we help to identify bottlenecks and quantify the effects of infrastructure changes and improvement measures.

Unlocking Transportation Solutions with HPCsim: Navigating the intricacies of traffic dynamics, HPC's simulation services provide a comprehensive toolkit. Utilizing HPCsim, we deliver 3D-Insights, integrating intermodal interactions, traffic lights, junctions, roundabouts, and realistic driver behavior.

Our tool extends its capabilities to track emissions and energy consumption, factoring in dynamic weather conditions.


HPC's traffic simulations tackle diverse challenges, allowing clients to simulate peak situations, calculate truck turnaround time, optimize traffic flow, assess network capacity, manage gate queuing, identify bottlenecks, and analyze traffic volumes. Beyond problem-solving, the tool facilitates investment validation, project feasibility assessments, and congestion management.

The "problem line" in the picture underscores how HPCsim navigates these complexities, ensuring our clients make informed decisions in the ever-evolving landscape of transportation planning.

For Optimal Traffic Planning on Port and Hinterland Roads 

HPC Hamburg Port Consulting distinguishes itself in traffic simulation for ports and hinterlands through solid expertise and a comprehensive approach. We optimize traffic flow, congestion patterns, and transportation systems with precision. Our simulations factor in complex details such as road networks, vehicle characteristics, and human behavior, ensuring thorough analysis and accurate predictions.

Beyond conventional simulation, HPC addresses emerging challenges including traffic management, sustainability, and smart technology integration. Their proven track record of successful projects underscores their reliability as a trusted partner for organizations seeking innovative solutions in transportation planning.

Detailed Analysis and Validation of Streets Layouts and Traffic Flow
Consideration of Traffic Rules and Human Behaviour

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