HPC Hosts High-Rank Delegation from Cameroon to Discuss Development of Port of Douala-Bonabéri

HPC Hamburg Port Consulting, the global port consultancy, was honored to host a high-ranking delegation from Cameroon at its office located at the Container Terminal Altenwerder in Hamburg. The delegation, led by the Minister of Economy, Planning & Regional Development of Cameroon, convened to discuss the development and expansion plans for the Port of Douala and other infrastructure projects.


Prof. Dr. Stefan Liebing, Honorary Consul of Cameroon to Hamburg, spearheaded a round table discussion aimed at providing actionable options for the development of the Port of Douala. This high-level gathering brought together a diverse group of stakeholders, including investors, legal experts, and representatives from German and European firms with a shared interest in the port's growth. Esteemed guests in attendance included H.E. Alamine Ousmane Mey, Minister of Economy, Planning & Regional Development of Cameroon, H.E. Victor Ndocki, Ambassador of Cameroon to Berlin, and Dr. André Kwam, Honorary Consul of Germany in Douala. Prof. Dr. Liebing's efforts yielded the active participation of numerous stakeholders, both existing and potential shareholders, making the discussion a dynamic platform for fostering progress in the development of the Port of Douala. 

The Port of Douala-Bonabéri, positioned at the mouth of the Wouri River, holds the distinction of being the largest seaport in Cameroon. Its strategic location provides seamless connectivity to major cities across the country through robust road, rail, and air networks. As a pivotal hub for international trade, the port efficiently handles a diverse range of commodities, including timber, petrol, bauxite, and fruit. It currently accounts for about 95 % of national imports and exports, i.e. almost thirteen million tonnes. 

The port's significance extends beyond Cameroon, serving as a vital gateway for two landlocked Central African countries, namely the Central African Republic and Chad. It assumes a crucial role as the largest foreign trade port for the Central African Republic, further solidifying its importance in regional trade dynamics. The Port of Douala’s exceptional hinterland access enhances its stature and reinforces its position as a linchpin for economic activities in the area. 

During the round table discussions, participants delved into in-depth conversations regarding the intricacies of the Port of Douala's modernization and expansion strategy. These discussions focused on identifying potential investment opportunities, addressing complex legal considerations, and exploring innovative approaches to ensure the successful completion and development of the port. The realization of the Port of Douala Development Master Plan requires the active participation of both foreign and national investors in constructing port and urban infrastructures, aligning with the authorities' vision. 

Drawing on its extensive experience and expertise in port development, HPC is fully committed to supporting Cameroon in this critical endeavour. As a trusted partner, HPC offers comprehensive consulting services and actively collaborates with stakeholders to devise sustainable solutions for port and maritime development. The company eagerly anticipates further cooperation with Cameroon and other key players, working hand in hand to unlock the immense potential harboured by the Port of Douala-Bonabéri and turn it into a reality. 


For more information, please reach out to Dr. Elisabeth Schoppmann.