HPC paves the way for co-funding environmentally friendly operation of the largest container terminal in the Port of Hamburg

Successful funding consultancy for the further conversion to electrified storage crane systems at Container Terminal Burchardkai: HPC Hamburg Port Consulting has helped to support the transformation of the largest container terminal in the Port of Hamburg towards climate-neutral terminal operation by successfully attracting €10 million in funding from the European Union (EU) for the climate-friendly conversion to eco-powered storage crane systems at the Container Terminal Burchardkai (CTB).

CTB gradually commissioned four new storage blocks during the first half of 2023, increasing the automated container storage facility by an additional 8,500 TEU to 39,000 TEU. The successive conversion of energy-intensive storage and retrieval with diesel-powered van carriers to storage crane systems operated with green electricity will further reduce the terminal's CO2 and pollutant emissions and also create the prerequisite for the transition to climate-neutral horizontal transport. 

HPC's funding consultants have identified the appropriate funding programme in the form of the "Energy Transition in Business" programme, which uses European Regional Development Fund funding under the REACT-EU initiative, coordinated by the Hamburg Authority for the Environment, Climate, Energy and Agriculture (BUKEA). REACT-EU is a tool to support recovery from the coronavirus crisis and to implement a just ecological and digital turnaround in the EU. In close cooperation with the CTB team of Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA), a profound funding application was submitted, which precisely showed the economic viability and the planned energy efficiencies with the resulting CO2 savings and thus formed the basis for the successful approval of the funding. 

The expected CO2 savings were determined with the help of an energy consumption and emission calculation model for terminals developed by HPC. This is based on the results of the terminal simulation carried out by HPC for the planned CTB operating concept, which also takes into account the storage cranes in combination with the horizontal transport systems.

Hartmut Beyer, Associate Partner at HPC and responsible for funding management, on the successful conclusion of this challenging funding project: "I am pleased that after an intensive processing phase, the approval of the EU funding could be achieved. With the expertise of our funding team, we were able to help drive CTB's transformation to an environmentally friendly operation." 

HPC has many years of experience in funding management - from the development of an eligible project idea, to the identification of the appropriate funding programme, the application and the coordination with the programme executing agency. In total, HPC's funding consultancy team has been able to acquire over 65 million euros in funding for numerous clients in the transport sector over the last ten years. 

For more information, please reach out to Hartmut Beyer.