HPC carries out technical due diligence for Hapag-Lloyd’s participation in J M Baxi Ports & Logistics Limited

HPC Hamburg Port Consulting (HPC) is pleased to announce that it has performed the technical due diligence for Hapag-Lloyd as a basis for investment in a share of J M Baxi Ports & Logistics Limited (JMBPL). The participation involves 12 port terminal & logistic facilities in India and enhances Hapag-Lloyd’s engagement in the terminal sector in attractive growth markets.

JMBPL provides broad industry-focused logistics sector coverage to cater to future growth opportunities. Its diverse portfolio includes infrastructure, technology, logistics, and integrated services, enabling physical and digital coverage of India-based supply chain. Through its participation in JMBPL, Hapag-Lloyd aims at further strengthening its position in the attractive Indian market and jointly developing new business opportunities. 

As an investor, Hapag-Lloyd wished to obtain an independent opinion from an internationally recognized consultant regarding the feasibility of an investment in the development of JMBPL. HPC was commissioned to support the participation process by conducting on-site inspections of the port facilities and carrying out technical due diligence. This provided sound insight to support decision making in the investment process. 

"Terminal investments help us to actively influence an essential part of the value chain, determining the service level and quality for our customers and supporting our access to key markets. To conduct thorough due diligence for such an investment we relied on a partner who knows terminal operations inside out. HPC has thoroughly investigated the condition of the JMBPL terminals, appraised the investment levels necessary and assessed post-merger potentiality. HPC is a trusted partner for us, and we are very happy with the important role they played to support this transaction”, said Lisa Radke, Head of Global Terminal & Transport Procurement at Hapag-Lloyd. 

As part of its comprehensive due diligence, HPC conducted an operations and technical assessment, including feasibility and risk analysis, as well as equipment and civil engineering assessments. 

"As a global port consultancy with roots in terminal operations, we can assist our clients with advice on potential transactions from an operational, commercial, and technological point of view," said Suheil Mahayni, Managing Director at HPC. "Close cooperation with Hapag-Lloyd's team was crucial to the success of this assessment project. The open and transparent discussions with all parties created an atmosphere of trust from the beginning. This has enabled us to deliver a thorough valuation of the terminal operator and its assets for our client in a short period of time." 

With its operational expertise and holistic approach, HPC is well-positioned to help clients navigate complex acquisitions and make informed investment decisions.